Adventure Club

PBS Kids 29th Annual Reading Marathon! Track your minutes and upload them at PBSUTAH.ORG/KIDS by DECEMBER 15 to get the adventure pass that includes tickets and coupons to your favorite museums, zoos, and activities. Preschool to 6th grade, 600 minutes in the month of November. Go to for the fine print.

Oakwood Owls that choose to participate in this optional reading marathon can return their reading log to the school to get a prize from the PTA! Plan on participating in our Adventure Club and going on some of these adventures together with your family and classmates!

Calling all adventurers!

The PTA is starting an Adventure Club at Oakwood Elementary,

bring your families and let’s go on an adventure together!

November: Reading Marathon (those who participate will get an Adventure Pass* - see below)

December: Snow Day & Hot Cocoa

January: Get Air - Fundraiser

February: Natural History Museum*

March: Clark Planetarium*

April: Hogle Zoo*

May: Tracy Aviary*

This club has no fee and is open to all students and their families! If you have any questions, email

*The adventure pass includes tickets/coupons for entrance to these activities. All students are welcome to participate in these events. Please note the cost will not be covered by the PTA or the school for students that do not have the adventure pass.